Hamster Kombat Set for Exchange Listing – Is Playdoge Next?

The $HMSTR crypto token underlying the immensely popular Telegram-based clicker game Hamster Kombat is set to hit exchanges soon.

Nobody knows the exact date, but the project’s official website lists the TGE (or “Token Generation Event”) as July 2024.

Anticipation for the launch has taken the token’s price in pre-market trading on ByBit from 0.12 Tether (or $0.12 in greenbacks) on Monday—when the token debuted on the platform—to 0.16 USDT, an increase of 33.33% in two days.

Hamster Kombat last month clocked in 150 million users, making the game so popular that nearly one in five of Telegram’s 800 million monthly users were playing it. Since then, that count has increased to a staggering 250 million players, according to a tweet by the project’s team.

I think you meant to put Hamster Kombat first

there are currently over 250 million Hamsters playing our game

— Hamster Kombat (@hamster_kombat) July 9, 2024

When the airdrop finally arrives, its the players who have generated the most in-game rewards that will get the most $HMSTR tokens.

Hamster Kombat’s Exchange Upgrade System Markets Itself

Following in the footsteps of the original viral Telegram crypto game, Notcoin, Hamster Kombat’s premise is simple: tap the screen to accumulate in-game coins. Like Notcoin too, Hamster Kombat functions as a mini-app within the Telegram messaging app, meaning no additional downloads are required to get playing.

Unlike Notcoin though, players can invest their coins in a fictional hamster-operated crypto exchange. The game also incentivizes them to invite their friends to join the fun.

It does this by offering players new exchange upgrade cards that promise higher earnings.

However, many of these cards can only be unlocked if players convince another friend to start playing through a referral link.

Players who utilize the full spectrum of features can thus generate more rewards, creating a game that is not only addictive for the individual, but one that also effortlessly markets itself.

Will Playdoge Be Crypto Gaming’s Next Big Exchange Listing?

Another furry critter is likely to attract just as much attention as Hamster Kombat ahead of a potential exchange listing later this year. That project is the on-chain tamagotchi remake Playdoge.

The multichain Play-to-Earn (P2E) meme coin powering it, PlayDoge ($PLAY), has already raised $5.6 million just one month into presale.

The feverish buying comes off the back of recommendations by several YouTube crypto analysts, including Clinix Crypto, 99Bitcoins, ClayBro, and Matthew Perry.

Fans of the 90s handheld digital pets will delight to see how PlayDoge gives them strong crypto incentives to rekindle their childhood and become attentive virtual pet owners again, while embarking on exciting in-game adventures and mini-games.

And those that have bad memories of Tamagotchi the first time around need not fear: the difficulty curve on PlayDoge is a lot more forgiving, making him a much more resilient pet than the high-maintenance Tamagotchis you probably remember.

$PLAY’s home chain is the Binance Smart Chain, now called BNB Chain. This could significantly facilitate a potential future Binance listing.

Moreover, SolidProof audited Playdoge’s smart contract, giving prospective investors peace of mind about the project’s security.

Joining the presale is easy: connect your wallet and start purchasing $PLAY using BNB, ETH, or USDT. PlayDoge also offers the option to use credit cards.

To keep up with the latest information about the project, you can connect with the community via X and Telegram.

Visit the PlayDoge website to buy in at presale prices now.

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